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1962 Chevrolet Bel Air for sale at Volo Auto Museum (V18944)

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1962 Chevrolet Bel Air for sale at Volo Auto Museum (V18944)

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Body off frame, nut and bolt restored to show quality, striking factory colors. Very cool bubble top, no frills Bel Air with a 409 and a 4-speed!

EXTERIOR: Factory code 900 Tuxedo black. I'm looking down each side of the car right now and it is lazer beam straight, even across the tops of the car. This is a black mirror, you could read a dictionary in the reflection. I'm going around it a second time looking for imperfections, I haven't found one yet. All the body panels are really square and flush. This is absolutely better than it was when it was sold new. All the trim is at the same high standards. The grill is all polished and straight, emblems, headlight bezels, the bumper all look new. Has correct T-3 headlights. The moldings down the sides as polished and straightened, new emblems, all the stainless trim around the windows and gutters are straight and polished, new handles and bowtie mirror. In back the tail lights, moldings, bumper also look brand new. The door jambs are painted real slick and detailed. Has new weather strips and window seals. The doors click shut, the windshield is new. It has some vintage style Torque Thrust wheels with new 15 inch BFGoodrich tires. All new glass and and the chrome window frames are redone. All new rubber gaskets.

INTERIOR: Factory code 872 red interior. Meticulously restored. The dash area is all repainted and every piece of trim looks new. It is a radio delete, has the vintage style Sun tachometer on the column. The steering wheel is restored. Overhead the white headliner and matching visors are new. The upholstery, door panels, kick panels......everything looks new in this car. It has the correct shifter for the bench seat. They did add red seat belts front and back. Even the window cranks, ashtrays look new. In the glove box the light works, has a new liner and an owner's manual. Has the red and black speckled carpet with matching floor mats.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: Even that big air cleaner can't hide those dual quads on top of that 409 with 409 hp. The aluminum intake is factory with two Edelbrock carbs. It is totally and meticulously restored to factory new condition. It has proper fuel line with a glass bowl filter, the right spring clamp battery cables, GM hoses and clamps. The firewall is gloss black and everything on it looks new including the wiper motor, washer bottle and wiring. It has the transmitter for the Sun tach. Upgraded aluminum radiator is painted black.

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