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National World War II Museum Visit

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National World War II Museum Visit

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The National World War II Museum in New Orleans is an incredible and comprehensive overview of the war. Even visitors who do not have a background in World War II history will gain an appreciation from visiting this museum with a unique focus and scope. In addition to immersive dioramas and displays of uniforms, equipment, and armament, the huge galleries show full-size aircraft, including the restoration of the B-17E "My Gal Sal", a P-51D, F4U Corsair, TBM Avenger, SBD Dauntless, B-25 Mitchell, Spitfire, C-47, P-40, and more. As with all museums, it is advisable to check with them ahead of your visit to determine current operating hours, directions, admission, and other important planning tools for a trip there. Please subscribe to the Airailimages and Museumerica YouTube channels. Thank you. And here's a link to another interesting museum video:

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