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NC Museum Week - World of Fishes

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NC Museum Week - World of Fishes

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Celebrate Museum Week with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences!

What is Ichthyology? Join us for this lunchtime program about the world of fishes! From freshwater to saltwater, there are more species of fish found in the world than in any other vertebrate group. Meet Research Curator Alex Dornburg and Collections Manager Gabriela Hogue and learn about the sheer diversity of this fascinating group of animals.
The NC Museum of Natural Sciences is North Carolina’s most visited museum, the largest institution of its kind in the Southeast, and one of the nation’s most celebrated nature museums. This significant institution is not only a wonderful place for the public to visit, but as a research-based museum, it is also home to thousands of scientific specimens used by scientists to learn the secrets of the natural world. Join us to celebrate Museum Week and learn first-hand from research curators about the strange and wonderful treasures hidden within the Museum's collections!
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