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The Quarantined Traveler | The British Museum, London

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The Quarantined Traveler | The British Museum, London

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London has some amazing museums, and one that should definitely not be missed is The British Museum! Dedicated to human history & art, the museum first opened to the public in 1759. Over the past two and a half centuries the museum has expanded to what we see now, a massive collection of over 8 million objects from all around the world. Admission to the museum is free, but donations are welcome.

Seeing as how we are all quarantined at home, I thought it might be nice to, "get out of the house" so to speak. I have a series of videos coming out in the next couple weeks with the sights and sounds of different places in the world! No voice overs, no music, just the ambiance of a place outside of our living rooms. Open up your eyes and ears to a take in a place not in within the walls of your own dwelling. Take a minute, take a breath, and imagine you're somewhere else, soaking in the beauty of the world that we often took for granted.

For a narrated tour of The British Museum:

For an Overview of London:

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